Our Favorite Wall Clusters & Splits

Wall Clusters and Split Wall Art Collages are beautiful custom wall art heirloom statement pieces priced at 20% less than the individual print prices. 
Design beautiful wall displays using individual images on each print, or one image across multiple prints for a mosaic look. 
Remember that a $100 credit can be used toward any of the products below. 

Each of these credits are valid toward a Wall Art Cluster or Split ONLY and cannot be redeemed for cash, deducted from the package price, used toward any other product or service or combined together. 

Portrait Clusters Or Splits

SMALL: 3- 12x18 Prints
     -Overall Size: 28x18
     -Canvas Wraps - $745
     -Metal Prints - $540

MEDIUM: 3- 16x24 Prints
     -Overall Size: 50x24
     -Canvas Wraps -$940
     -Metal Floater - $845

LARGE: 3 -24x36 Prints
     -Overall Size: 76x36
     -Canvas Wraps -$1595
     -Metal Prints - $1895


Filmstrip Cluster Or Split

ONE SIZE: 6-8x8 + 1-26x26 Print
     -Overall Size: 43x24
     -Canvas Wraps -$1410
     -Metal Prints - $945


Four Square Cluster Or Split

SMALL: 4- 12x12 Prints
     -Overall Size: 26x26
     -Canvas Wraps -$840
     -Metal Prints - $475

MEDIUM: 4- 16x16 Prints
     -Overall Size: 34x34
     -Canvas Wraps -$995
     -Metal Prints - $645

LARGE: 4 -20x20 Prints
     -Overall Size: 42x24
     -Canvas Wraps -$1275
     -Metal Prints - $1180


Parquet Split

ONE SIZE: 2-10x31 + 2-31x10 + 1-20x20 
     -Overall Size: 43x43
     -Canvas Wraps -$1295
     -Metal Prints - $1350


Three Square Cluster Or Split

SMALL: 3- 12x12 Prints
     -Overall Size: 38x12
     -Canvas Wraps -$640
     -Metal Prints - $375

MEDIUM: 3- 16x16 Prints
     -Overall Size: 50x16 
     -Canvas Wraps -$750
     -Metal Prints - $490

LARGE: 3 -20x20 Prints
     -Overall Size: 64x20
     -Canvas Wraps -$960
     -Metal Prints - $900


Formal Four Cluster

ONE SIZE: 2-8x12 + 1-11x14 + 1-16x24
     -Overall Size: 43x24
     -Canvas Wraps -$1035
     -Metal Prints - $735


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