Our Favorite Wall Clusters & Splits

Wall Clusters and Split Wall Art Collages are beautiful custom wall art heirloom statement pieces priced at 20% less than the individual print prices. 
Design beautiful wall displays using individual images on each print, or one image across multiple prints for a mosaic look. 
Remember that a $100 credit can be used toward any of the products below. 

Each of these credits are valid toward a Wall Art Cluster or Split ONLY and cannot be redeemed for cash, deducted from a wedding package price, used toward any other product or service or combined together. 

Portrait Clusters Or Splits

SMALL: 3- 12x18 Prints
     -Overall Size: 28x18
     -Canvas Wraps -$745
     -Metal Prints - $540

MEDIUM: 3- 16x24 Prints
     -Overall Size: 50x24
     -Canvas Wraps -$940
     -Metal Prints - $845

LARGE: 3 -24x36 Prints
     -Overall Size: 76x36
     -Canvas Wraps -$1595
     -Metal Prints - $1895


Filmstrip Cluster Or Split

ONE SIZE: 6-8x8 + 1-26x26 Print
     -Overall Size: 43x24
     -Canvas Wraps -$1410
     -Metal Prints - $945


Four Square Cluster Or Split

SMALL: 4- 12x12 Prints
     -Overall Size: 26x26
     -Canvas Wraps -$840
     -Metal Prints - $475

MEDIUM: 4- 16x16 Prints
     -Overall Size: 34x34
     -Canvas Wraps -$995
     -Metal Prints - $645

LARGE: 4 -20x20 Prints
     -Overall Size: 42x24
     -Canvas Wraps -$1275
     -Metal Prints - $1180


Parquet Split

ONE SIZE: 2-10x31 + 2-31x10 + 1-20x20 
     -Overall Size: 43x43
     -Canvas Wraps -$1295
     -Metal Prints - $1350


Three Square Cluster Or Split

SMALL: 3- 12x12 Prints
     -Overall Size: 38x12
     -Canvas Wraps -$640
     -Metal Prints - $375

MEDIUM: 3- 16x16 Prints
     -Overall Size: 50x16 
     -Canvas Wraps -$750
     -Metal Prints - $490

LARGE: 3 -20x20 Prints
     -Overall Size: 64x20
     -Canvas Wraps -$960
     -Metal Prints - $900


Formal Four Cluster

ONE SIZE: 2-8x12 + 1-11x14 + 1-16x24
     -Overall Size: 43x24
     -Canvas Wraps -$1035
     -Metal Prints - $735


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