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Our reputation is built upon the BUZZ generated by over four and a half decades of "happy" clients. 

 Our brides love our candid & photo-journalistic style, our solid reputation, our fun photographers and the customer-oriented way we do business.


We were extremely impressed with Ron. He was patient, energetic, and knew exactly what shots he wanted to get. He is so knowledgeable about photography and the Manor House that he knew exactly what conditions were needed for the perfect picture. Very Impressed!

And, Laura was awesome! I think she took a lot more pictures than I had anticipated- which is a good thing. She knew exactly where to be and when. She was aware of the “little moments” that needed to be captured. Thank You!

Stephanie & Bill Kirkland
Manor House

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Good Morning Ron,

I recently picked up my USB drive containing the files and the Mini Montage from my Son's and new daughter-in-law's wedding. We also have a mini Montage from our daughter's wedding from June 2008. I wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed your photos and montage. We have put the montages from both weddings on our computers at home and at work. We have watched our daughters at least once a day, usually late in the evening when we are in our office at home. It is almost like we can't go on to bed without running the montage once. We now have two and of course we can't run one without the other. Looks like we will be running both each night from now on. I know at work when I might be having a bad day, I will take a few minutes and run the montage. It really takes me to some perfect and beautiful memories and moments; and helps my day start moving in the right direction again.

You have captured our daughter and son-in-law's personalities perfectly. The pictures and montage depicts who they truly are. The pictures of our son and daughter-in-law's wedding are totally different and has captured their personalities perfectly. Both equally as magnificent and beautiful, but totally different and striking.

The main photographer at our son's wedding was the same person that was with us all day on our daughter's wedding. She did a magnificent job at both. The second photographer was a different person, but equally capable and easy to work with, who took fabulous photo's as well.

We have enjoyed the album from our daughter's wedding and are waiting on the book from our son's wedding. These albums are absolutely wonderful as well. Very professionally done and strikingly beautiful. Your graphic designer at your office helped us put the magazine albums together and did just an excellent job.

All through the process of the weddings, all questions were answered and service was just great.

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your work and the service you do and also just how much you have added joy to our lives each day. Your quality and service far exceeded expectations and are dollars very well spent. We wouldn't change a thing.

As far as we are concerned Ron Shuller's Creative Images is the only photography company in town....keep making perfect memories.

Thanks so much

Carrie and Phillip Smith
Perfectly Satisfied Parents

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We loved working with Lacy and Sarah. They were both so personable and very helpful in making sure our photos were great. They were also great with our son Zachary, who is 4. We are so excited and would recommend you to everyone. Thank you again for making our night so fun and memorable.

Erin & John Helton
Pebble Creek Golf Club

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Chris and Ali were absolutely wonderful!! They made me and my family and friends feel comfortable from the moment they got there until they left. We are still talking about how much fun we had with them now! I do not always feel as though I am the most photogenic person in the world, but Chris and Ali were able to direct me without making me feel like I was doing anything wrong. I felt natural and not staged throughout the entire day. We had serious moments and silly moments together and I am sure that the photos will turn out beautifully! Andy and I loved working alongside both photographers all day long. My dad commented multiple times on how professional he thought Chris and Ali both were and that he really enjoyed working with them throughout the day.

Becky & Andy
Ashton Oaks Golf Club

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Your photographers were excellent. We could not have asked for a better team! They played with us on the best day of our lives, helping everyone to have more fun. They were out of this world! What superb people you have! They were OUTSTANDING! I think our friends really got into the photo-journalism idea. Amazing photographers, and amazing people-both of them!

Jennifer & Steven Scott
Mother Of God / Receptions

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A great job! Ron, you were very friendly and willing to take the shots we wanted them to and work with our schedule. You made sure that even the traditional shots were done thoroughly and attended to every little detail. Sara was very friendly, discrete and professional as well as very flexible.

Brooke & Scott Gully
St. Barnabus / Oasis

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Laura was amazing! We were so at ease working with her. She was both professional and friendly. She also made the daunting task of herding family members for pictures less stressful by taking charge. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you, Laura! The second photographer was also amazing and I barely knew he was there!

Ron Shuller has assembled an exceptional cast of photographers! I am so glad that I chose you for my wedding!

Brandi & Derek Plyes
Ault Park

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Alan and Ed were excellent and so were the two assistants. They did everything to make my wedding enjoyable. He was early to the church waiting to take pictures as we came out of the limo. Everyone went on and on about how great his skills were. I have been a bridesmaid in 5 other weddings and she and her assistance made our wedding so enjoyable. I highly recommend Ron Shuller’s Photography to anyone who needs photos. We will be back for our family photos in a couple of years. Thank you for making our wedding day so special.

Jenny & Scott Huelsman
Cathedral Basilica of Assumptions / Starlite Ballroom

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Pam & Bryan did a great job and were both extremely courteous. They had a wonderful sense of humor and an outstanding sense of professionalism. It seems rare for people to so perfectly balance these two attributes, but they pulled it off wonderfully!

Jessica & Timothy Day
Ault Park

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We were thrilled with your photographers. Not only were our expectations met . . . they were exceeded. Thank you!

Whitney & Nate Maxson
Manor House

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Alan was very thorough, friendly, fun and efficient. He was spontaneous when needed but maintained orderly sequence to pictures and rallied the group well. We really liked working with him. Ryan worked well with the club manager who coordinated our wedding as well.

Mark did a great job being available for all of the behind the scenes moments as well as capturing all that happened through the night. He had some good ideas for outdoor shots. He was friendly and fun and we enjoyed working with him.

Molly & David Mays
Clovernook Country Club

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Both photographers did an outstanding job throughout the entire course of the wedding. Lacy, the “traditional” photographer, was great at getting everyone in place for each shot, as well as knowing exactly what needed to be taken, and when. Many different individuals, from the Bride/Groom’s parents, to people in the wedding party, spoke highly of her.

Bryan’s creativity, enthusiasm, and all-around great attitude were awesome! He did a great job of taking a ton of shots of the bride getting ready, and his “eye” for what shots would work was tremendous!!

Hollie & David McGuire
Towne Worship Center

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mark was very personable and calming. We enjoyed his thoughts and opinions about setting up the pictures. He was always professional and was ready before we were. Thank you.

Bryan, the photo-journalist, was never in the way, took great shots and even continued to help as we were getting our photos done by the primary photographer. Thank you!

Emma & John Massie
Vinoklet Winery / Wunderland

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Our primary photographer was great! He arrived right on time and was so nice to everyone in our crazy wedding party. He kept everyone in line without them even knowing.

The second photographer stayed out of the way but was always there to get the good shots I wanted. Both guys even suggested that we should shove the cake in the maid of honor and best man’s faces-which we did and it turned out hilarious. I cannot think of enough good things to say about your guys.

Stephanie & John Dunn
Mentor Baptist

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pam and Lacy were excellent. You could really tell they love there job and anted to capture every moment for us. We really appreciate the awesome photographers you sent us!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

Megan & Dustin Goldie

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our primary photographer was the most fantastic person involved in this entire wedding process. She was not just our photographer, but also our wedding planner almost. She always made sure that all of our needs were met, and was by far *THE MOST*, I repeat, *THE MOST* helpful, cheerful, kind person in the service industry that we collectively have ever met. As a person who deals with customers and customer relations on a daily basis, I can say that she is truly a great find and should be utilized whenever possible. Thank you so much from both of us. By the way, the photo-journalistic was also great and blended in quite well!

Kim & Charles Bedel
Manor House

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Laura was incredible! She was very quick, but paid very close attention to detail, which was noticed by all! She was very courteous, and conscientious of our family members, as well as with us. We really appreciate and are thankful for all of her hard work and thoughtfulness!

Bryan, the photo-journalist, was great at finding the best shots! There were moments throughout the evening where I would begin to think “oh, this would be a good shot,” and before the words came out of my mouth, he was already taking the shot and capturing the treasured moments. There were even times when he captured shots that I had not thought of…. Mark was very conscientious of my husband and I trying to meet all of our guests at the reception. He would gently remind me of shots that
needed to be taken, and he would help me gather people together. He was so helpful, and so flexible!!! My husband and I are so grateful for his hard work!! We’re thrilled and have already recommended your to a friend who is getting married next year!

Barbara & Dave Bergan
First Presbyterian Church / Metropolitan Club

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