Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not assume that we do business like other photographers because we do things different and a lot better!

How long have you been in business?
We are very proud to be celebrating our 47th year as Southwestern Ohio’s Best Wedding Photographers. Experience is so important and we are the most experienced photographers you'll find! 

Where are you located?
After enjoying 43 years on Reading Rd in the Reading Bridal District of Cincinnati, we moved to a scenic townhouse office in Kenwood.

What are your hours of operation?
We are open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY but welcome appointments most weekdays, some weekday evenings and some weekends. Since we respect your time and given the COVID situation, we welcome phone and zoom appointments at your convenience. To make a phone appointment, CLICK HERE.

Are you rated with the Better Business Bureau?
For our entire career, we've happily maintained an A+ rating with BBB!

To what do you attribute your excellent reputation and longevity?
Our reputation is built upon over four decades of thousands of happy couples. We’re recommended by the major venues, the best wedding vendors, bridal shops, and past clients.  We've probably photographed a wedding for someone in your family or someone you know.  No one is more experienced and fun.

How would you explain your style?
Our style is candid, casual and photojournalistic.  Our posing is much more casual and a much more natural look. We combine your likes and dislikes with our expertise to create your unique and individualized story. The concept of our two photographer coverage is based on one photographer recording the have-to-have group shots while the second photographer (the photojournalist) records those wonderful little moments, the candids, the fun and tells your wedding-day story.  

How may photographers do you have and who will be my photographers?
We have over a dozen highly trained and super creative senior photographers on staff who love what they do. When requested, it’s our pleasure to show you the work from the teams that are available for your date so you can select the team whose work you like the best. Then, we are happy to set up a meeting with that team so you can meet them.

Why are you so organized?
Organization is the key! We are "super-organized" so we can save you time on your wedding day. To become organized, we meet with you several months before the wedding for an Organizational Meeting, the heart and soul of our system. At this meeting you share your list of “have-to-have” shots from which we create a photographer's shot list. After we create that list, we use our four decade experience to tell you how long everything will take. We then discuss which locations you wish to use, which shots you want to complete “before” the ceremony, which ones you want to do “after” the ceremony, what time you want to enter your reception, etc. We use all of this information and together create a flawless wedding-day-timeline” so you can spend less time on photography and more time having fun. Most of the time, you hardly are aware of the photographers.

Why are you so up front with your pricing and publish it on your site?
For our entire career, we have published our pricing on-line and ask that you give us the chance to review it with you. The reason is that contrary to what you may have assumed, we are actually extremely reasonably priced. We’re usually priced less than you expect and well within most budgets. We respect your time, so telling you everything in advance saves everyone precious time. The more you know about us, the more likely you will be to book with us. It’s a win-win! Please allow us to explain our packages to you.

With your two-photographer package, 12 hours of photographer time seems like way too much time.  How does that work?
We include up to 12 hours of combined photographer time.  Both photographers are not at the wedding for 12 hours each.  At the Organizational Meeting, when we determine your time needs, we help you overlap and stagger the two photographers to meet your needs using up to 12 hours of combined time. In some cases, both photographers will be there 6 hours each.  In some cases, a 5 hour / 7 hour split works best.  In many cases, the two photographers' times are staggered a bit.  Since our style is all about “story-telling”, we'll schedule the photographers in order to tell the entire story from getting-ready through the reception.  We'll guide you through the entire organizing process and plan out a flawless wedding day timeline.

How many images can I expect and do I receive the files?
There is no limit on number of shots taken on your wedding day. Sometimes we take 600, sometimes it’s 1000 and sometimes it’s more. We just keep snapping until we’re finished. And unlike many of the “newer” photographers who then select the best 200 or 300 to show you, with us you receive “all” of the files.  Plus, we pro-edit all of the images and you own the rights so there is no text or watermarks on the files. Plus they are the same maximum resolution files that we use so any size we can print, you can print with great quality. The files are delivered on a USB Thumb Drive. Normally, the wedding images are ready approximately 10 to 20 days after the wedding, at which time we post a private online gallery for family & friends. From the online gallery, orders can be placed for loose prints and wall prints.

Do you offer albums?
While we recognize the importance of including all of the files in our packages, our clients understand that a folder of loose files does not tell the wedding-day story. It's a creative custom made wedding album that tells the story for posterity.  Therefore, we include a substantial album credit in most of our packages resulting in a book being purchased by almost everyone.  In addition, like most everything we do, our album creation is a bit different.  Unlike with other photographers,  you select the images that are used in your book. In addition, our graphic designer will create your album design and post it online for your approval.  So, with us, you actually see your book before it's printed.

Do you offer engagement sessions?
We offer two kinds of engagement sessions. For couples looking for one good image for a save-the-date product, we offer an outdoor mini-engagement session including about 20 to 30 minutes of photographer time and one full res digital file. We also offer  full outdoor engagement sessions including on-location sessions, more time, more images taken and the option to purchase print packages and wall prints.

Tell me about your VIDEO services, I hear that your VIDEO is quite reasonably priced and a bit different from most photographers. 
Yes, we do video a little differently from other photographers. One videographer comes with multiple cameras and multiple audio sources.  We set up multiple cameras during the ceremony so you get that professional look from different angles.  We tap into the sound system in order to get great sound from all of the microphones used both during the ceremony and the reception. In addition, a small lavalier microphone is put on the groom during the ceremony. This ensures great sound of not only the vows but also the speeches during the reception.  We then create a professionally edited Highlight Video of the day.  The length of the video varies depending on how many hours of videographer time was used and other factors but is usually up to about 15 minutes in length. Highlight Videos save a tremendous amount of editing time over what would have been required to edit a full hour or longer video, making our video coverage quite reasonably priced.  In addition, this Highlight Video can be easily posted on social media for all of your family and friends to enjoy.  Please note that our photographers do solely photography and our videographers do solely video.  Therefore, when you book a video package, an additional person (a videographer) comes to the wedding. Since video offers both sound and movement to your wedding day record, our video packages are extremely popular.

What is your down payment, change of date and cancellation policy?
We do not hold dates without a down payment. Because a down payment schedules up to three people for a future date, making them unavailable to be booked for another event on the same day, down payments are non-refundable. In the event of a change of date, the full amount of the down payment will be applied toward a new date provided that we are available for the new date. In the event of a cancellation, the down payment will be forfeited.

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